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Alcoholism Recovery Literature

After six years of sobriety I'm going to share my thoughts on the literature that helped me to understand then embrace long term abstinence and a real sense of recovery.

Some of these books I've stuck with to this day and others I gave away to newcomers.

Living Sober (Hazeldine)

In early sobriety I was very sensitive, weary and vulnerable. I tentatively explored my options and this book was a tremendous help in discovering ways of getting through a day without drinking. If I had a legitimate reason to be around alcohol then that was ok as long as I didn't overstay my welcome and I remained vigilant. Of course it's suggested you refrain from any big decisions but I had to continue living my life responsibly and with more faith and resilience rather than fear. This book is an excellent guide to navigate the early days of recovery and also if returning from a relapse and going back to basics.

Alcoholics Anonymous aka The Big Book

This book was explained to me like this, you can simply read it cover to cover and that's nice, but its contents are not fully revealed until you start working through the 12 Step Program. So following a number of relapses and waking up to the 4 horsemen, terror, bewilderment, frustration & despair, I humbly asked a member of AA to sponsor me. The Big Book is structured in a way that explains the program within the first 164 pages. The rest of the book contains stories that I related to and gave me hope that I wasn't alone. Excerpts of this book are read at AA meetings and it's the essential go-to for an alcoholic trying to understand the cunning, baffling and powerful nature of what we suffer from.

The 24 Hour Book (Hazeldine)

The 24 Hour Book helped me to incorporate a routine into my early recovery. Each date of the year has an excerpt from the Big Book, a meditation and a prayer. Great for maintaining conscious contact with my Higher Power (Maintenance Step 11) and managing a daily routine that enhance a mindset of recovery.

Daily Reflections (Hazeldine)

This book reflects on specific quotations from AA literature and really compliments the routine I need to implement a daily practice of recovery.

Keep it Simple (Hazeldine)

I discovered this book when talking with a friend. Each date has a quote, a prayer and an action for the day. As it's title suggests, it's a simple book for complicated people and it has certainly helped me to have a healthier mindset on a daily basis.

Around the Year with Emmet Fox (HarperOne)

I was intrigued by this book when I became aware that my Sponsor owned a copy. Taking a step away from AA literature I feel this book communicates the spiritual and practical elements needed to understand how to navigate life without seeking oblivion when it doesn't go to plan.

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